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Prior to 2018, baking seemed too middle age, too mainstream, too stereotypical of a girl. It is always humorous when you look back at your beginnings...

I felt restless and purposeless in my job. Everything was stable and good but I did not feel happy with MY CAREER. I started to ponder IF THERE WAS MORE to do with LIFE, especially on the weekends.


my first ever bake WAS an old-fashioned banana loaF 

(little did I know that this was to be MY BEST SELLER!) During a wedding I met A friend who Invited ME to be apart of an UPCOMING church pop-UP. And AS THEY SAY, THE REST IS HISTORY.

I baked AND barista-ed ON THE weekends WHILE HAVING A DAY JOB.  It was unforgettable, and I loved every second of it - The people that I connected with and the friendships that spruced from there. 

I left my job in fall 2018 and flew to Melbourne  with my husband.  I worked as pastry chef at Agathé Pâtisserie, at the South Melbourne Market. While My husband was a barista with Padre Coffee. We had lots of fun travelling;  exploring a whole new world; drinking wine and coffee; campervan-ING!   

a year on, we went back home to sunny Singapore and started the Headless Baker as a hawker stall at the Ghim Moh market, selling dry bakes - teacakes & loaves, with anyone who dared to take a chance with us.

Ghim Moh & her community has been very kind to us. this spurred us to open our 2nd store a stone throw's away at the Star Vista, focusing on viennoiseries – croissants,  with a slight distraction by patisseries. 


The desire to bring quality and affordable bakes to everyone, and anyone, has not changed. But we just want to get more fancy with it. 

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