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Updated: Sep 25, 2019

My first ever product review! One of the things that I enjoy doing other than being in the kitchen testing new recipes (cooking or baking) is shopping.

I saw the #Kånken clutch when I arrived in Melbourne during September. There’s no Acne Studios store in Singapore so I wasn’t aware of this special collaboration. This is a mini size of the usual Kånken, which makes it so special and cute! This collaboration features a unisex capsule collection with vibrant colours and summer hues.

I really wanted to get my hands on the blue/orange camo prints clutch, but it was sold out worldwide and had to be on the waiting list. So I waited, and one week later, I received an email saying it was back in stock, yes please! Added it to my shopping cart and purchased it right away.

And thennn…an email came saying due to an inventory error on their part, it was SOLD OUT when the order was placed. 

All this excitement for nothing.

Acne was swift to discover the error and they offered me a discount code for my next purchase. At that point, only the deep orange Kånken was in-stock and I went ahead to get it.





Acne Studios Kånken Clutch A/F deep orange is a micro scaled version of the classic Kånken bag, reduced down to a clutch bag size while retaining all the original details. A collaboration between #Fjällräven and Acne Studios, with co-branded details*. Interesting fact: Kånken was created for Swedish school children with back problems (it still puzzled me on how it can provide ergonomics supports since the strap is quite narrow to begin with?).


It is made from hardwearing G-1000 (trademark for some of the #Kånken bags) and comes with a heavy tarpaulin bottom panel. Trio wearing style (refer to images for more) with adjustable shoulder strap. The size is perfect for light outdoor usage and casual day out. Athleisure style is huge at the moment and this will be the perfect accessory for your outfit!

Daily Essentials


Bottle (300ml) Makeup essentials – NARS lipstick & NARS blush case

Cardholder instead of my usual wallet Earphones Keys


Measures 19 cm x 15 cm x 8 cm/7.5" x 5.9" x 3.2"

Volume: 2L

Ways to Carry

Bum bag

Crossbody messenger



This is a cool collaboration between two of the biggest nordic brands. What I really like is that the original design has been retained and with the signature Acne’s pantone colour. You got it, best of both worlds.

The price point is good, considering Acne’s products are on a high side. In conclusion, definitely yes for this collaboration. This bag is perfect for summer.

I will be doing a follow-up post on the Kånken’s evolution after a few months of usage.

*sources from #AcneStudios






The Headless Baker

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