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Updated: Mar 20, 2019

It always start with breakfast...

I love to take my breakfast slow and enjoy the process of making and eating it. That usually happens on my rest days, when I’m not rushing anywhere.

Currently, I am obsessed with blood oranges. Feels like a fall fruit but it is spring time in Australia! I’m trying to develop more breakfast ideas and have it during my rest days. I’m from Singapore and we don’t get blood oranges most of the time. I only managed to find it once :( Here in Melbourne, it’s everywhere!

Blood oranges not only have a deep crimson shade but it also tastes different to oranges (aka Navel or Valencia). It has a deep mellow citrusy full body.

Two weeks back, I made some bloody orange curd when I was baking the blood orange tartlets. They tasted amazing and look really pretty. A pastel pink shade to it. It is super photogenic and I can’t get enough of it. So with the leftover curd, I decide to whip up a few of breakfast ideas. Just to let you know that the Ramsay and Jamie’s recipe below has a slight tweak as compared to it’s original one.

#1 Blood Orange Parfait

Greek yogurt infused with blood orange curd as the base and mid layer. Cocoa coconut granola and fresh dark cherries between the yogurt layers. Topped with fresh blood orange slices, dark cherries, toasted almonds and coconut flakes.

#2 Gordon Ramsay’s Bircher Muesli

Oats with natural yogurt, mixed together with a splash of apple juice. Topped with fresh blackberries. Drizzled with toasted pecans and shredded coconut. Blood orange curd splatted at the side.

#3 Trinity Blood Orange Bowl

Fresh, candied blood oranges and together with blood orange curd. Topped with toasted pecans and shredded coconut. I have mine with fresh blueberries. You can have yours with other berries such as strawberries, raspberries or blackberries!

#4 Jamie Oliver’s My Brilliant Breakfast

Toasted oats with blueberries compote and topped with fresh mango. Yogurt infused with blood orange curd.

#5 Cooked Oats with Mashed Bananas

Oats with milk over the stove top. Half a banana mashed in the oats. Drizzled some honey and desiccated coconuts. Topped with the remaining banana and fresh blood orange slices.

#6 Simple Yogurt Bowl

Greek or natural yogurt as the base. Topped with toasted nuts and shredded coconut (I used pecans, you can use almonds too!). A spoonful of blood orange curd at the side, together with fresh blood orange slices.

Currently, these are the six breakfast ideas I have up on my sleeve! Which is your fave?

You can always replace blood oranges with navel or valencia oranges. Taste will be a little different and be more orangy instead of the pastel pink tone.


The Headless Baker

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