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Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Melbourne: The Coffee Capital of Australia

When I’m not working, I love to relax over brunch or perhaps “second breakfast”. Note: I always make my own breakfast in the morning before heading out, helps to save some money (check out my post on breakfast recipes here)

There are tons of cafes here in Melbourne but only a few that are worthy to head back again. Funny thing is that the better ones and mediocre ones charges around the same price.

I’m going to recommend just a few for you. If you happen to be in the area, feel free to check them out.

Code Black Coffee

Located near the start of Sydney Road, Code Black Coffee is one of my fave place to go in Brunswick. Their food menuis really interesting and every time when my food arrives, it blows my mind. The ingredients, the pairing and the presentation are brilliant.

It is really hard to find a place that does incredible coffee and food. Code Black Coffee really takes pride in their offering. Their roastery is on-site, and if you are lucky you might just catch them in action.

Also, there are free cupping session on Thursday mornings. Their cupping class is the best that I have been to in Melbourne. They buy beans from many regions, including Geishas. David, the head trainer, heads the cupping and you will be able to learn so much from him in that session!

Cupping session

The Kettle Black

The view from the front is just stunning. It's located in a Victoria house; it's white and chic. And the cherry blossom tree right there, on the outside.

It’s just a stone throw away from my place, and every now and then I will pop by for brunch. Their food menu is great and some of the dishes are fusion. I’m not a big fan of fusion food but they do it well here. It’s a nice place to chill with indoor and outdoor seatings. When the sun is out, I love sitting outside. Interior is bright and well-lit, perfect for your Insta stories.

Lux Foundry

It might be a little out of the way. Located towards the end of Sydney Road, Brunswick, at Hope Street. The building itself is an old industry warehouse with high ceilings. I love having an iced coffee (in Melbourne it means iced latte with ice-cream, but if you order an iced latte it comes without the ice-cream. It’s confusing, isn’t it!) during a hot and sunny day, when I’m sitting outside under the parasol. I had their kimchi burger and it was really good (makes me missed McSpicy from Macs back in Singapore). The patty was juicy, crispy and with a punch of kimchi-ness. Brunswick has a different vibe compared to most areas in Melbourne. It’s hipster in an unpretentious manner (oxymoron, I know). You see graffiti on almost every building, lamppost and wall. And that’s what I like about Brunswick. Something that you will never find in Singapore.

Padre Coffee at South Melbourne Market

Some of you might know that I work at South Melbourne Market (see post here) for Agathé Pâtisserie and coincidentally my husband is also working at the same market for Padre Coffee. It’s just around 100 metres away from the Pâtisserie. Padre is the perfect place for market goers to grab a coffee after running their errands and a meeting place for friends to catch up. My fave drink is their iced latte with two shots of espresso; especially when it gets super hot during summer. *free coffee* Our pastries are exclusive to them. Who can ever say no to coffee and pastries? Come say hi to us if you are visiting the market!


The Headless Baker

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