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Brunswick was the first area I stayed when I started my Melbourne journey, back in fall 2018. I was staying near the buzzing Sydney Road in a Victorian House. Brunswick was picked because I didn’t want to stay in the city and it is a hipster area with many cafes and cool shops.

This post is purely on Sydney Road. They are a list of cafes, stores and places that I had enjoyed patronizing very much. I have since moved to Southbank but I still love to drop by Brunswick once in a while.



Beatbox Kitchen

The most awesome burger joint along Sydney Road. I especially love the interior and the colour palette they have chosen. Very vibrant tones and super pop-art style. They serve American burgers and the patty is just right and juicy. There is even a ping-pong table for you to play a match or two while waiting for your burger to arrive.


Very Good Falafel

My first ever experience falafel! It’s really hard to find one back in Singapore. I was so excited to try it! I had the classic falafel and their daily salad. The falafel balls were hot, crunchy and so fresh. The salad was refreshing and colourful; there were pumpkins, carrots, spinach, chickpeas and capsicums.

And the falafel is only $8.50 on a pita!

A1 Bakery

If you are on a tight budget and wanna be real full, this might just be the place for you. Hot breads are made and served throughout the day. There’s even a grocery section in the bakery cafe if you planon getting ingredients for an Middle Eastern meal.

Lux Foundry

I have blogged about Lux Foundry before as one of the cafes that I love hanging in Melbourne. You can read the post over here. The building used to be a power station back in the days. The overall interior is still intact with it’s trademark red bricks. I love their outdoor seating and it’s dog friendly too with water bowls to keep them hydrated. My fave is to have an iced coffee (with ice-cream!), while soaking under the sun just right outside.


Never knew that chocolate could be like coffee. Over at Ratio, the chocolates are all made from scratch. I tried their salted caramel chocolate tart, it was incredible. I can really taste the chocolate (p.s usually I’m not a huge fan of caramel. Way too sweet for me!) and it’s so fresh. I love stores that freshly bake their pastries, you can really tell the difference if they are not. Oh yes, they even have a tour for you to experience the bean to bar process. Which I might consider during my next visit.



Recycle Boutique

There are plenty of thrift shops along Sydney Road. I personally love thrift shopping but it has to be quality second hand clothing. Recycle Boutique does it really well by curating quality pieces from numerous local and international designers. I had once chanced upon a pair of unworn Chanel flats at just under $300!


Dejour Jeans

Very interesting store. A queue will always form before the storeopens. My tram stop is just right in front of Dejour Jeans and it always fascinate me to see a throng of people outside. It’s really a tiny space with a couple of seamstress sewing away on the onsite alterations. If you are in for run-of-the-mill jeans, go for it!






The Headless Baker

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