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Time flies. I have been in Melbourne for over 6 months. What a crazy journey.

Just a couple of what’s going on with my journey here.

For those who have been following my social media, you must have seen me testing out new recipes every week! Currently, my obsession is with matcha and citrus fruits (in-season now!) Very excited to say that they are pretty solid and can’t wait to launch them when I’m back!

Finally drove for real. I got my driving license a couple of years back in Singapore but didn’t have the courage to drive. I’ve been on a couple of road trips in Victoria! But oh my goddess, the drive here is super long. And driving in the night, is crazy. No lights at all on their highway.

My trips were to the Dandenong Ranges, Yarra Valley, Mornington and Philip Island. Will be sharing a couple of photos here. I’m glad that I overcame my fear for real. Here’s to more road trips!

Sunshine lemon loaf was featured in Cold Storage magazine for Mar/Apr 2019.

It’s still available, grab one today at any of the outlets!

This coming week I will be hitting the roads to Great Ocean Road and Tasmania with my family. Will be sharing more.










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