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Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Not sure if many of you are aware but I have begun my journey in Melbourne since the end of October this year. I have decided to leave everything behind in Singapore to explore and live in Melbourne for a year. Currently, I’m on the 462 Visa (work & holiday).

Arrived in Melbourne without a job. Many of my friends asked how is that possible? I’m from Singapore and Singaporeans (mostly~) are not willing to take more risks in life.

My goal is to work and be exposed in a commercial bakery in Melbourne during this year stint. Everything that I had learned so far is all self-taught, via Google or Youtube.

After my arrival on the first week, I went around Melbourne to look for bakeries. I found a few, was quite disappointed actually. At the same time, I had discovered most cafes do not bake their pastries, they get theirs via a distributor. After awhile, all the pastries look the same, why bother to try them? As long as it is not freshly baked or by the café, I tend not to get them. I always feel you must be proud of what you sell.

A couple of resumes and messages were dropped to various bakeries/cafes. Towards the end of second week, I got a reply asking me to go for a trial at their bakery. I went and got the job! Currently, I’m working at the South Melbourne Market, Agathe Patisserie on weekends. The croissants and French pastries are really delicious and all are freshly bake every morning. Come say hi if you happen to be in the neighborhood! This is the start of a journey. And I’m very excited.

p.s in the meanwhile I'm trying new recipes during my rest days. Will be sharing more during the next few posts :D


The Headless Baker

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