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The Wedding Cake

“It’s been an emotional day, even the cake is in tiers."

Two months back, I broke one of my rules and made a wedding cake for a special friend of mine. The wedding was a small and intimate affair at Open Farm Community.

I was given carte blanche,with the only stipulation that the wedding cake has to be edible as the couple would like to share the cake with their loved ones. And to complement Open Farm’s setting, I did a simple and rustic cake – vanilla sponge layers with vanilla buttercream.

And here are a couple of learning points.

Naked cake (One day before the wedding, 2 hours)

To have the cake not look like the leaning tower of Pisa, it is vital to ensure that each layer are flat and consistent. You can do so by slicing the top of each layer.

To preserve freshness, always chill your cake with a layer of clingfilm.

Frosting & decoration (Actual day of the wedding, 45mins)

Having crumbs stuck on your frosting? To prevent that, start with the frosting called the crumb coat. Let chill for a couple of minutes. And then really start to frost that bad boy! (With a turntable of course)

Crumb coat

It is a thin layer of frosting that's spread over the cake first. This prevents the crumbs from getting stuck on the main frosting layer.

As the buttercream frosting does not hold particularly well in a tropical climate (like Singapore.. Arrgh!), it is best to have the cake really chilled and to have quick fingers to frost it fast.

Anddd.. Voilà!

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