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Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Hello there!

Hello there. Welcome to my first blog post. I am The Headless Baker.


I get a lot of queries about my name, why The Headless Baker? Well, I usually tell others that I like to have a brand that focus on my product offerings without having my face it in. But deep down it might just be that I do not know where the hell I'm going! 无头的方向 (aka headless direction).


This year is a special year for me. It is the start of everything, a journey, an odyssey. So I decided to document this whole process down in this blog. The Headless Baker was debuted in April this year.

I never bake or fancy baking prior to that. It is quite funny to think how everything had evolved since the start of this year. Well... it began with me feeling restless and purposeless in my job. Everything was stable and good, who doesn't want a 9 to 5 job? Almost all my Singaporean friends would crave for that. But I simply do not feel "happy happy" about it. Weekends, I was free and started to ponder what I can do with my life. How can I value-add to this society; what is my purpose; what am I called to do?

Then I baked a banana loaf on a Sunday morning, and goodness it tasted so flavourful, so satisfying! Amazed that the end result was beyond my expectation!

Weeks later, during a wedding I met a couple of church friends. They told me that there is a pop-event going to happen in our church. At that point of time, my husband and I were into coffee and bakes. And we were like why not? I could bring my bakes to complement their coffee (someone had donated a 20K coffee machine for the church!) I love to be part of a community, to build relationships, to connect and to share.

The rest is history. And there you have it, da-da! The Headless Baker was created.

I will start publishing the recipes I use and share with you on the journey of each baking. The ups and the downs. The tips and the tricks. So much to share, so little time.

Love, The Headless Baker

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